Saturday, November 05, 2011

Dynamic Busan: Jalgalchi Market!

We went to Jalgalchi Market on the last day of the Jalgalchi Festival 2011, which falls on a Sunday 16th Oct.

my 1st time at the biggest wet market in korea, busan!
and boy, am I impressed:

HUGE lobster!

eew slimy octopus!

loads of fish!

pretty sight! but stinky too!

 squids! eew

the harbour:

they were sunning these fishes:

somehow there is a huge blown-up balloon turtle:

I knew about the event where they want to make the world's biggest bibimbap. everyone gets a bowl of it free. so we went to queue up for this free lunch too!

very spicy for me, but it was nice:

another free event was to go onboard this sailboat for FREE!
 but the queue for it was too long no one wanted to go. sadded. so I couldn't have a chance to go onboard it =(

 so we moved on to the stalls. and came across this auntie selling grilled/bbq eel.

he is a famous sashimi chef who appeared on TV numerous times:

we came across this event, whereby u signup with 5000won, and get a chance to get into this waters to catch fish:

rais went to try and he caught one of them! (after a very long struggle, hahaha, but the onlookers were very enthusiastic in cheering this foreigner on!)

this is his catch!:

the eel we ordered:

bbq-ing it:

and along the way back, I saw these abalone! like what the channel8 show back in singapore was talking about. its 10 abalone for S$30!


 way back to the station, there are a row of petshops as we stand there and are bewildered by the puppies' cuteness again. and this dog is sooo unglam:

ok thats all for the day!

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