Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mascot Parade 2010

was gonna wait until janice uploaded her share of the pics before I post this. but I guess its taking too long.

so here are the photos from the mascot parade last saturday!

I was a japanese schoolgirl, while janice wore her army uniform that was specially made for her.
when will I ever get my own costume from Movie Mania MM? ohwells. actually I dont' know what I would want...maybe a kimono? hahaha.

the parade started when me and janice weren't ready yet. but its ok, at least the mascots are soooo sooooo cute!

alot of different mascots were there; kungfu panda, cai shen ye!!, skunk, bears, tigers etc.

but we took photos with the library mascot!

I didn't know there was a library mascot. hoho. oh and I didn't noe the predator standing beside us was reno. there were almost a dozen predators that day lor!

spot the naruto character? the purple hair girl is from the akatsuki. (if u watch it u would know)

janice helped me take some self shots. I prefer this schoolgirl look to the ghostbusters or freddy kruger one. but I think out of all I still like the maid costumes best. hahh.

ohh and did I say there was a channelU camera going around that day. and unfortunately the guy asked us to pose for the camera for some takes........and to say the show title.....u know how they do it for those programs rite?

anw doesn't matter if u don't know. the thing is they caught us on tv for some new tv show coming up. I alr saw the commercial. HAHHA.

the newly opened scape mall

our friend howe liang as 孔明. lol.

ooh transformer gundam!

and if I;m not wrong, the girl on the right, is a superwoman!

and the cutest mascots of the day. the olympic mascots talking to the courtesy lion!

so darn cute can!

the trampolines at the carnival.

the ppl scattered off as it started to rain. boohoo.

candid shot.

actually it wasn't a very long process. everything happened so quickly and ended before I knew it. my fav costumes are still the tranformers. but since MM alr wore it before, they had to get new costumes to wear this year.

but thats what cosplay is about. u can't keep wearing the same thing.
must always try new characters, experience new things. explore the unexplored.

love wearing costumes. do inform me next time if there is another costume event! =)

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