Monday, May 31, 2010

Movie review: Itaewon Homicide

finished watching this korean movie "Itaewon Homicide" (2009) starring my fav jang geun suk. and boy did it leave a deep impression on me.

the movie is actually about how a korean guy was brutally stabbed to death in a burger king toilet one night in 1997. and the police actually caught 2 suspects: pearson (jang geun suk!!!), a son of a US soldier, and AJ, a korean american.

whats the most bothering is that the prosecutors can't seem to find out who is the real murderer as both blame each other for the act, saying how they witnessed the other killing the innocent guy.

however, the case was complicated and hard to solve because, those 2 guys being korean americans, are protected as US nationals. bascially theres nth much the koreans can do to convict them. so the prosecutor in the movie has a tough time nailing the victim(s).

and yea. pearson was thought to be innocent and AJ to be the real killer through the numerous trials and evidences. AJ was convicted in the end and sentenced to life imprisonment, while pearson sentenced to jail for a few months for possession of weapon and destroying evidence.

but well, AJ's dad decided to appeal and in the end he was acquited, due to insufficient evidence to point that he was the murderer. and at the end of the movie pearson was also set free after a few months in jail.

like fuck rite? the murderer has to be one of them and yet both got away scot free! felt damn angry for a moment. like ppl with the status, money and power can just get what they want. and thats really infuriating. felt so sad for the victim's family.

after all, the movie was based on a true story, and 
I went on to google on this cold case. seems that this year, the authorities decided to reopen the case and reinvestigate again, due to the release of the movie and emotions from koreans were tensed. however, pearson (the real name is actually patterson) went back to the US after the end of the investigation years back (which shouldn't have been the case and he had to be on travel ban since he was a murder suspect. ohwells. but he did anw) and so now they are trying to get him back to korea for investigations. that is. IF the US allows them to. the other guy however, who has always been saying that he is not guilty. is welcome to investigations.

bahh. do u really think they can convict the real killer?

I don't know man. after all. a superpower is not called a superpower for nth. would they allow their citizen to be convicted? u do the maths. seems like there are more cases of murder and unfair judgements passed on americans in korea for murders and rape cases. blah blah blah.

so sad rite?

anw. back to the movie. other than repeated images of how the poor guy was stabbed repeatedly and blood spraying out all over the toilet, nth much lah. just that some ppl won't be able to take it coz the blood is really ALOT. 
I mean ALOT. they kept showing those images lah so some ppl might find it disturbing I guess? but well I luv violence and gore and grotesque images so its ok for me. furthermore, I was having lunch while watching the movie on youtube and didn't feel disgusted. hahaha.

alrite. and talking bout grotesque. jang geun suk is really REALLY a great actor! coz his character as pearson does not have much actions and explosive dynamic expressions. so it really depends on his eyes. like seriously u know the actor is good when he gets the emotion right up to the bones. the eyes are seriously disturbingly, grotesquely, psychopathic.

YES. psychopathic. he acts it so well! LUVLUV!
plus he looks good in almost ANY hairstyle! hahaha.

and the last smile at the end of the movie he had was epic. u should watch it to see what I really mean. that smile was like "hmph 
I got away scot free all u assholes. woot"

sth like that. hahaha.

anw. although AJ was the one convicted to be guilty, 
I seriously think the end of the movie lets us think that both are guilty?

its really hard to judge, but 
I think both are.

at some scenes of the movie, AJ was acting as if he was the killer. and one evidence was that he told his black friend that "we did it! we killed a guy". if he said "we", then that means both did it?
(well u gotta watch the movie to catch wad 
I'm saying)

and of coz for pearson he pretended not to understand korean at 1st but at the last part of the movie he spoke to the prosecutor in korean, which the prosecutor exposed him. BUT, he gave a smug and said that he learnt that from jail.

yea and of coz his last evil smile makes audiences think that its probably him.

so its both of them lor?

so confusing. seriously 
I really hope that they reopen the case and really nab the killer this time.

lets just hope.

but on a side note. jang geun suk rocks my world. lol

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