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Hokkaido May'10 Day 1 to 4

the only thing which made me blog after so long. is...
the Hokkaido tour from 3rd may to 9th may!
up till now. 
I still entertain the thought of migrating there. aye.

day 1. 3rdMay. Monday night

approx 7h flight via ANA to their Narita airport. and very mafan we had to take a 1h bus to haneda airport.

at haneda airport

and then need to take a 1 and a half hour domestic flight to hokkaido!

and it was approx 1130am when we reached the island of hokkaido! 12h of sianness travelling!

day 2. 4th may.

and so it was time for our 1st lunch there. hotpot. raw scallops and squids. prawns. and lotsa fish.

and on to the 1st attraction: factory outlet rera. pet dogs were everywhere
10+ degree celsius.
finally a chance to wear thick jackets and boots and scarf and still feel cold. hahahahaaaa

supposed to have the vivienne westwood store there. but the person don't allow me to take foto outside the store. so I take with the board here lor
and...although factory outlet de stuffs are cheaper...the store's stuffs not nice. don't have the armour ring I want =(

lovely barren trees outside the outlet

and so the tour guide takes us to the sapporo city where
we see the sapporo tv tower!

postcard worthy picture

and boots de sole split open on the 1st few hours of wearing them. HOW NICE. and so I went to mister mint to repair them coz I really wanna flaunt my boots for the next few days leh.
and so they say. don't wear something for awhile and then store them for a long time. things will get spoiled when u wear them again. shoes will crack and stuffs. haiz.

ok so next is dinnertime. hotpot again. and with fish and crabs.

and after dinnertime we go to Mount Moiwa for a sumptuous sapporo nite view:

and my camera can't capture their paranomic view. too bad.
escalator up the mountain. btw. 
I think I should say this just in case I forget. coz.

the last time I wore tis hat was...when I was 2years old. ya 2years old. wtf I wonder how the hat can stretch until so big. and NO I didn't have a bighead when I was young. the hat just STRETCHED.


and at our 1st hotel: APA Hotel & Resort.
I wore my 1st yukata. look like some character from bleach. lol


day 3. 5th may. morning call at 630am. breakfast at 730am. off at 830am.

yoghurt and kiwi.

and some other normal stuff for breakfast.
u can't believe it. yoghurt and kiwi is a great combination! its damn nice!!!

and we went to our 1st attraction of the day: chocolate factory!!!

its like charlie and the chocolate factory. why does the boss make the place seem so surreal!

got music and bubbles at some point in time too u know! fantasy world!

like fairy tale.

some parts of the interior also not bad. like victorian style. the rest of the factory pictures don't need upload lah. on fb also have.

yes we are still in the factory. this picture reminds me of titanic. u know. it resembles a place in titanic. the part where the stairs lead to b1 of the ship. lol

yes at the outside of the factory. lovely

and to add on to this lovely scenery. the weather is just alrite! not too hot and not too cold.

bought vanilla ice cream. my 1st ice cream in hokkaido. ice cream in cold weather is sooo nice!

and as we are on the bus to the next place. we pass by snow!!!
lots and lots of snow! which are melting!!!

our next destination. lavender.
aye I take such nice pictures.

another postcard worthy picture.

lavender ice cream. only found in hokkaido leh! if I had such a big ice cream. i will probably puke after eating halfway.

yummm. my 2nd ice cream in hokkaido

off to lunch.

hello kitty deco at the lunch place.

like our bobochacha. but its hot.

and at the lunch place they sell alot of lavender stuffs. and thats where I bought skin conditioners and mum bought horse oil. (horse oil is like a multi wonder cream which treats all kinds of burns, itch, blah blah blah)

to our next destination:
sake brewery museum

other than tasting their sake. and one particular sake rice wine which I thought was completely awesome. nth much le

after that was to our next hotel: choyo resort hotel
clear view of flowing stream outside our hotel room. when u look out its actually quite scary. but they got net on the windows so of coz its safe. tour guide told us not to go out at nite. in case got animals come out. like bears and deers. sobx I didn't see any but the other aunties saw a deer the next morning out of their windows!

the japanese toilet bowl. toilet bowls almost everywhere in the country also got buttons.

first button is stop. 2nd is for the back of ur ass. 3rd button is for front of the ass. u know it. I only use the 3rd button coz I think the 2nd one very scarily strong. although u can adjust the intensity of the water spray. lol.

my 2nd yukata. pants-style. this is freaking ugly. but the tour guide force eveyone to wear it to dinner.

seems little? nahh. I took alot more later on.

took so much crabs that I don't know how many legs I ate.

hahaa little children with their little yukatas.

so after dinner me and mum went to the hot springs.

1st must wear the yukata w/o anything inside. ya no bra and panties. and then u reach the area put your belongings into a basket. rmb your basket number. DUH. and then take the small towel and cover the part u wanna cover. (I cover the top. don't care bout the bottom.) and then walk towards the bathing area which is next to the hot springs. luckily this 1st time the bathing area got partition.

this hotel has the best hot springs in the area coz the water is pH6.6. great for us. the water was abit milky and when I 1st stepped in I thought I don't want to go in anymore after that. it was damn hot can. so hot I kept wondering whether it would cook my ass. but ohwells. went in anw. and put the small towel on my head coz thats what ppl always do. 1st time so we only dipped for 5min and went up for a splash of cold water before going in again for another 5min. and done. so mafan for just less than an hour of hot springs. the best time to go would be 10+ or 11+pm. 9+ got alot of ppl. best still midnite or after that. but my mum very bad leh wanna go earlier so can sleep earlier. make me so shy...



day 4. 6th may. morning call at 630am. breakfast at 730am. off at 830am.

give u view outside our hotel room 1 more time

and then we go to shooting stars falls and silver river falls.
yes! lots and lots of snow!!!

my 1st time stepping on REAL SNOW! not the pathetic snow city snow. but REAL SNOW!

but it was freaking hard to walk on it with my boots.

with all the other aunties we went with.

our next lunch is at ramen village:

I had no.8 in the menu.


my aunt's

mum's. with scallops

dad's. with gyoza

with the strikingly style chef. lol.

all japs only have 1 pose when taking photo issit.

surprisingly I think the ramen I had in sg is better than theirs...

next destination: otaru canal.

trishaw rider.

my 3rd ice cream in hokkaido. ard 18degree celsius here.

and then tour guide took us to a cafe for afternoon tea.
we can each take home our cups for free in the boxes provided (of coz I think its alr included in our tour fees lah)
but my hello kitty cup need to add approx S$1.50. see my hello kitty purse. lol.
the cake not say nice. just eat shuang only.

dad and mum de cups.

outside the cafe

and actually we were supposed to see the sakura on the 3rd day. but this year coz the climate still remained very cold till now the sakura haven blossom. so everyone was damn jaded and sad. but on the 4th day...

a few trees blossomed!


snapshots until I shuang

nice pics rite?

music box museum:
expensive. think shd be >S$100

with such nice weather. its great to take a walk in a small street like this. this is what I like about hokkaido.

waiting for my scallops. 300yen.


my 4th ice cream in hokkaido. green tea and melon I think. good solid ice cream again. all the ice creams in hokkaido are nice de lah. unlike sg....

and so we went on our bus once again. and passed by SNOW!

to our next hotel. tatami!!

and our next dinner. got hotpot again.
with raw salmon, prawn. and crabs again

my 3rd yukata. and fav one. too bad didn't have time to tie bun on top of the head.

check out my clogs. provided by hotel to step out

luv this yukata. would wear it forever.
btw. married girls wear the ribbon at the front. unmarried ones have the ribbons at the back.

again. so this nite after dinner we went for hot springs at the hotel. this hotel's hot spring not as good as the previous one. and the water is clearer. and doesn't seem that hot. and the common bathing area don't have partition! so....damn embarrassed. but well I don't know why this hot spring I felt abit faint after awhile so I didn't like it today.
ohya. similar to the one ytd. every hot spring would have an area for u to dry your hair. with all the combs and hair dryer and stuff all ready for u. and a weighing machine at the side. shampoo soap and conditioner and facial foam all provided in the bathing area. good rite? japan has everything.

hahA. and tis marks the end of day 4.
still got days 5-7!!
see them here
more photos on facebook

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