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Asia's World City Hong Kong-Macau 8D7N: Day 4-5

Day 4, Wednesday

Ok. Before we get into the fun part, an unpleasant accident happened to me.

Halfway through at Ocean Park the day before, I realised 4 pus spots on my leg and decided to pop them at night while back at the hostel so that the pus would come out and hopefully heal.

But alas, I wokeup to an even bigger pus and bruises in the morning of day 4 and had to see a doctor nearby and he gave some medicine and bandaged the spots. Realised its too graphic and shan't post them here to scare readers away.

Apparently the doctor wasn't experienced in this and I realised it didn't help much but I shall go through that as we go along.

So after eating some Polo buns and seeing the doctor, we took the ferry at Sheung Wan Station to Macau. By the way, our luggage was left at the hostel for a fee.

Bought the tix from a touter standing at the escalator and we hurriedly rushed to the gates as the timing was quite tight.

Didn't want to wait some more for the next ferry since we wasted a lot of time at the doctor alr. Not sure if we should have bought from the tour agencies at the proper shopfront so could someone advise me?

Took a bus to Ole London Hotel and this room is soooooooo much better than Ah Shan. Friendly and helpful staff at the front desk so I would definitely recommend ppl who don't have much budget for the higher end hotels to come here. In order to get free transport, and not have to pay for the public bus, u just have to take the free shuttle from the Ferry terminal to Venetian Hotel, then look for the bus that brings u to Yuet Tung Pier.

The hotel ain't very noticable, but it is just a short 3min walk from when u get down.

As our hotel was nearby to the Senado Square, we walked through some shortcut lane that the hotel staff recommended.

Koi Kei shops were EVERYWHERE.

Like every corner u walk, there will be a Koi Kei. Seriously do they have to monopolise until like that?

Ruins of St. Paul.

Then we walked back to the streets to try Yee Shun Milk Company.

This doesn't have that strong milk taste that some ppl hate, as compared to the Australian Dairy Company, but wasn't as smooth.

It really depends on your preference so cannot pass verdict on which one is better. I think I prefer the Australian Dairy one though.

After that, we wanted to have dinner at this Portuguese restaurant O Santos in Taipa Village, hotel hop and see the awesome decorations and night lights around Macau.

But, my leg was extremely pain and because one of the spots was near the ankle, my ankle became as swollen as a pigs trotter. Told you the general doctor was useless. It was so bad that we decided to take a bus to the nearest hospital: Kiang Wu Hospital.

I requested for an antibiotic jab at the A&E so that can hopefully recover faster. It was an awful sight to see my leg by now I would have posted if not for fear of being reported hahaha. But the nurse cleaned my wounds, applied medicine and the doctor told me to see a skin doctor 2 days later. I was like "WTF? Where do I get skin specialists?"

By the way, the doctor and nurses were soooo nonchalant and rude that I felt so despondent and helpless at that point in time. nini says that ppl in A&E are like that everywhere, but still, u know... they could have been nicer so that my pain, internal and external, could be minimised rite? I felt bad for nini that we had to waste so much time at the hospital but I couldn't withstand the pain and all anymore. Haiz it was just such a bad incident. I feel so bad just typing out this story again even though the incident has happened almost 6 months back. Haiz.

But anyway, after that, our plans were so disrupted that we took the bus back to the main island and randomly found some eatery for dinner. Pathetically, we found a Taiwan restaurant and I ate this Jajiangmian which was normal.

I decided to endure the pain and hotel hopped some of the more significant hotels.

Grand Lisboa

Wynn Macau

Awesome toilets:

Witnessed some "Golden Tree" show at the casino and marveled at how much these casinos and hotels earn, AND spend.

My leg really quite pain already but heck it lah didn't want to waste any more of nini's, and my travel time. Continued walking around the hotels. Wanted to go to Pharoah's palace but it was so far away we didn't in the end. Jumped at every opportunity to sit down at the Casinos.

Then to MGM, with their signature horse:

And the aquarium... MGM was really sooo beautiful.

Took some photos, and then cabbed back to our hotel for the night.

Couldn't let my leg touch water so I had difficulty bathing. Bahhh... things could be worse.

Day 5, Thursday

Finally, took the shuttle bus to Venetian and had our breakfast at Lord Stow's Bakery.

This legendary egg tart is really really so good!

Walked around the hotel and this place was so condusive for photo-taking, even the toilet, hahaha.


Tried the 大利来记 Porkchop Bun in the Venetian Foodcourt and found it really dry.

Maybe the original stall elsewhere in Macau would be better?

Then we took the shuttle to City of Dreams.

Wanted to watch this show called "Dragon's Treasure" as it was highly recommended by my brother, but suay us. The show was under maintenance that day and cancelled. JUST FOR THAT DAY!

Ohwell, so we went to Galaxy Hotel. Saw some Spiderman deco around.

The lobby of the hotel was quite nice, with all the colourful crystals.

 Spiderman on top of Galaxy hotel!

Then after all the hotel hopping we went to Taipa for some Serradura cake Macau was quite famous for.
 And some random tiramisu which was normal:


Also bought some salted fish that my mum wanted.

And while walking back to our hotel we decided to make 1 last stop at this oldskool chinese dessert shop: 杏香園

Old Hong Kong style of furniture and signboard.

We had the 白木耳 and 马蹄沙.

So authentic, so refreshing.

And then it was byebye Macau and back to HK.
In order to not waste money on transport, we took the shuttle from Yuet Tung Pier to Venetian, and changed to a shuttle bus that goes from Venetian to the ferry terminal. Waste more time la but, its free!

We checked in at Ah Shan Hostel again and went to have late night dinner at this vegetarian dim sum place very nearby. Cute name: Dim Dim Sum

Apparently quite famous, the food was really not bad for the cheaper price it had compared to the other higher end ones.

That's about it for Day 5. Day 6 coming up next!

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