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Asia's World City Hong Kong 8D7N: Day 6-8

Day 6, Friday

D day.

I had to look for skin specialists to change my wounds after the A&E experience at the Macau Hospital. Googled and realised that the nearby Shopping haven, Argyle Centre, actually has A LOT of specialists and doctors at the floors above! It is like our equivalent of Paragon maybe, just that what they are selling below are not atas items but cheap stuffs. While waiting we also quickly bought breadtalk from below. Hahaha, nothing different from the SG one though.

But anyway, the doctor concluded that it was bug bites coupled with my eczema and hot weather and dust. Ok nothing new. Just lament that I am suay.
See the amount of medicine I had to finish.
He told me not to walk so much from the next few days onwards and the swell would subside after a few days. Ahem, of course I didn't listen to him, I had to go shopping!

We headed down to the bottom floors of Argyle Centre and started shopping, and in a quick time bought quite some stuffs.

After the short shopping stint, we headed on a long expedition to Horizon Plaza.
Long expedition because we had to go to the Central Station, then cut through IFC Mall and find this bus terminus under Exchange Square. We looked for bus 90 to Ap Lei Chau Estate bus terminus and hopped on. The ride took quite long, more than 40min I think. Following some instructions I found off other people's blog, we had to look for a green shelter without any bus numbers and to wait there for the free shuttle bus to Horizon Plaza. Indeed the bus came and we reached Horizon Plaza!

Stopped by Sift Cafe for some cakes before continuing the walk.

Seriously, this place is useless for us. We didn't even buy anything.

We then moved on to Lai Chi Kok Station to shop at the Hong Kong Industrial Centre next. It was a place with a lot of wholesale clothes, bags and shoes. But seriously, I thought that the things there weren't exactly cheap. Maybe $20 to very expensive for an item. The quality is good though, so if u are looking for good quality items and don't really mind the price, this is the place for u.

Then dinner was at 何洪记, 1 star Michelin restaurant!

Not bad, I liked it better than the previous one I had at Jordan. But the vegetables from the other one was better though. hahaha.

We went to 誠品書店 in Hysan Place to get this bubble tea the other girls were raving about. Somehow I couldn't find the picture of it but anyway it looked just like any other bubble tea. But, it was really nice!

Then we went to buy some LINE merchandise at the popup store. Goodness me, I can't believe I actually bought a tshirt for myself. Haven't wore it since then...

But there were some LINE deco up at the rooftop garden of the mall so we went to take a look and had some selfies!

Had a really late dinner at 18 Grams Cafe at Mongkok Gala Place, because we were walking through the Ladies Street and were distracted by the touristy stuffs there.

This cafe is quite famous, and we reached just in time for their last order!

After that, we decided to go to a cat cafe located in the same building as our hostel.

The food and drinks was normal, as usual for a cat cafe. 

But there were only 4 or 5 cats, all either hiding in their own corner of shying away from everyone else. 

Not very human-friendly I must say. But hey, at least there was 1 cat cafe we could go to, that is soooo near us.

Day 7, Saturday

Decided to have brunch at Knockbox Coffee before starting our "shopping battle" for the day.

The food and drinks were ok. 

They seemed serious about their coffee beans and all, but I am not a coffee person, I don't know. Just know that I tried to pick the less bitter drink out of all, by ordering the Affogato. Good cafehopping experience all in all.

Then we went to Tsim Sha Tsui to queue for the famous Jenny Bakery cookies. Word has it that u have to queue for a good 30min-1h for their cookies!

Apparently we were quite lucky cos we only had to queue for less than half an hour before we got the cookies!

Then with the 5-6 tins of cookies each of us had (it was super heavy I tell u), we walked to this nearby place 龍城大藥房 (Lung Shing) selling toiletries known for their cheap prices. It was like a warzone. I don't think I would come back here again.

After shopping, we went back to the hostel to put down our stuffs, before going to Sham Shui Po Station to look for this restaurant "Piggy Grill" I found off the internet. But after walking to the unit number, we realised that there is no such restaurant and then googled... it was already closed!

OMG I felt like killing myself. But nini wasn't angry or what so, we just walked back nearby to the station and walked randomly into this shop 維記咖啡粉麵, famous for their Pork Liver noodles.

Cos I don't like liver, I had the beef noodles instead.

It doesn't look appetizing but it was really quite good, so at least it wasn't a wasted trip here.

After that was just shop till we dropped at Argyle Centre and we shopped until the place closed. I bought quite a lot of stuff there cos it was cheaper than the Bugis Street in SG. The quality was BKK lousy quality was ok la just buy only.

Day 8, Sunday

Last day of our trip. Had some normal HK style breakfast at a nearby eatery.

Didn't have much time for anything because our priority today was to get the Wife biscuit from Hang Heung 恆香老餅家 and some last minute shopping.

We left for the airport in the early afternoon.

Plane food onboard the Cathay.

And meet the bread monster:

That's all for our 8D7N trip to Hong Kong!

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