Sunday, June 17, 2012

iLight Marina Bay 2012

Wayyyy overdue photos from months ago at the iLights Marina Bay Singapore. It is an inaugural event that exhibits artworks of various designers. Artworks that involve the use of LIGHTS! These artworks are put all around the Marina Bay area for the public to see!

And so we went to MBS TWG for dinner first.

LL's steak:

My wagyu burger, which I really think is no different from a normal beef burger. 

Tried the strawberry cake which is in actual fact kinda like a strudel. Not bad, but quite hard to eat cos its hard to cut the cake with the fork. The layers of pastry jus doesnt come off as easily as u would have thought.

OK! So its night time, and we walked over to the exhibitions. And came to one interesting atap house setup. Inside was dark; no lights at all. The artist wanted the audience to take pictures of the art pieces inside the dark room in any way they like. This is what I got:

Effects arent too bad rite?

Ok then there were a row of these "suntanning benches", except that these are lighted up when a person sits on it.

Cool rite?

And then an octopus looking exhibit:

Changes colour! 

It took me some time to capture....

this colourful sight:

Haven been to the MBS area for some time and I realised how much things have changed. They even have some show that projects images onto the ArtScience Museum!

Pretty much

This board flashes a question. And can predict your answer. OMG srsly it predicted mine!  

Anw the ans is just yes or no. So I guess its not hard to predict?

Amazing skyline at MBS:

Rows of quirky ppl:

Accompanied by musics and lightup actions

Artsy place below the F1 pit building

Trying to create a homely feel?

Act yi ge.

And a row of lights. HAHAHA. It changes colour btw but too fast I cant capture it on cam.

Got many more other exhibits but kinda tired to walk around the whole of the Marina area. 
Good experience though. 

Nothing to do as a couple, can just go to these type of events to spice up your life ahaha.

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