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Post exchange: Icheon

This will be quite a short post.

After packing the whole nite, and taking alot of time to pack for the whole morning of 20th Dec 2011, we were delayed into taking a later bus from Busan to Icheon. After the almost 5h of bus ride, we reached the place and had to cab to the Ceramics Village which is actually quite far off and ulu.

And when we reached the place, it was already dark. (since in winter it gets dark like at 5+ onwards)

It was really really cold as compared to Busan. REALLY COLD~~
And to our surprise, the place where we wanted to make ceramics is actually not a village, but just a small house. But at least the ahjumma (auntie) led us into the house which had a few rooms to cater to stayovers.

Korea has alot of these types of rooms where u pull out the mattress from the cupboard and lay them out yourself. And theres a kitchen area for u to cook.

We bought some cup noodles and snacks from a mart nearby and ate in the room.

Next morning, the ahjumma helped us order breakfast. After a hearty breakfast, we thought that we could do some pottery. But ahjumma says that making a cup from scratch, and boiling it and putting on garnish would take alot of time. So we aborted the plan. But, she decided to let us mould some cups from the clay instead.

This is my heart shaped cup:

Ths rest of it. The heart cup on the far left is made by nic. mines in the middle while the best looking heart was made by the ahjumma. The 2 round ones on the right are done by Mabel and Anqi.

We only moulded the clay, meaning we did not get the chance to spin and wet the clay so much like u see in the movies. That is why our work is not smooth.

But after some deliberation, we decided to pay and ask ahjumma to help us ship these back to SG after she had left them to dry and boiled. YAY she agreed.

But erm...its been 3 months and it was supposed to be sent to Anqi's place. But till now we have yet to receive it. BOOHOO. HOW?

Me and ahjumma.

The workshop is full of artworks 

Heater. Do u know that the workshop is freaking cold. And the fact that I can't put on gloves because we needed to mould the clay makes me even colder.

After that we cabbed to SPA PLUS. A hotel with spa facilities and hot springs!

2nd time going to the hot springs and jimjilbang in Korea. This time, we managed to ask a random stranger how to wrap the towels around our heads like a normal korean would. I prefer the mega huge and atas one we went to in Busan Shinhochang. But well, at least hot springs make one healthy. The hot room at Spa Plus actually went up to 101 degree celcius! omg. the moment I opened the door I'm like OK NO THANX.
Another thing about jimjilbang is that we would eat the eggs. This time, we bought some cold korean dessert (which is made up mainly of sweetened rice) and brought it into the charcoal room to eat.
Awesome feeling I tell u.

I kinda miss the hot springs. Seeing the ahjummas with saggy boobs and only the few of us foreigners shunning eye contact with everyone else and trying to cover up. lol. Why issit that we can't wear swimming costumes like wad we did in TW?

Ok. After the awesome soak, we have to continue on our journey to Seoul for 1 night to wait for LL to arrive before we set off for Gangwon-do.

 Look at the amt of luggage I had with me. 6 bags in total.
Sling bag, backpack, big luggage, small luggage, 2 paper bags.

We reached Seoul in the evening, and after settling down in the hotel, we went to Myeongdong for dinner and a walk.

NANTA theatre:

And smoothie king which Mabel recommended: 

And at about 530 next morning, I wokeup to wait for LL to knock on our hotel door. Super early and super tired. BUT super excited. haha

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