Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dynamic Busan: Start our new sch term!

On 31st Aug, my buddy, Seran, came to pick me from the hostel Blue Backpackers to PNU. Likewise for Anqi, KL, and Isaac. Seran brought me and Anqi to this place called 天地人 for lunch.

As usual, the portion was so big we ate till our stomachs were full to the brim.

had baskin robbins ice cream after that.

ok. now for our awesome looking dorm. Here's how it looks like from the outside.

And at nite: 

This is the corridor to our room. Kinda looks like hospital corridor hahaa.

My side of the dorm room, without all the bedsheets and stuffs: 

The toilet:

This is Anqi's wardrobe, and the one near the door is the shoe rack. awesome, can put alot of shoes. But too bad we don't have alot of shoes...

That's all. Subsequent days, Seran brought us to make our Alien registration card at Jungang. This card is necessary for us to make our handphones in Korea.

After making the card, we walked over nearby to the Lotte Department store and had Jap food for lunch

This is the model of the department store. NICE RITE 

They have a rooftop garden. Awesome. 

The view from on top of Lotte: 

After that we went to Gukje Market to SHOP! It was sooo big and confusing so we kinda got lost. There were many different lanes to cater to different kinds of people, the women's lane, guy's lane, ahjumma's land, ahjussi's lane etc.

At nite, we ate this pancake for dinner. 2 person share 1 is enough, coz the portion is really big.

That's all for the post today. More to come!

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