Monday, October 10, 2011

Dynamic Busan pre-PNU day

From Seoul, we took KTX to Busan on 30th Oct. just 2h+ of train ride. speed at about 250km/h.

we checked into 'Blue Backpackers'. Like at last, we see a bigger bathroom! (as compared to our previous hostels in TW and Seoul)

 Ate our first lunch at Busan: a pork restaurant

didn't know the dark red/brown looking sausages are actually rice dipped in pig's blood, and wrapped in pig's intestines. omg. I didn't like the taste of it.

Busan's subway!

First, we went to the PNU shopping street, to check out the area and to see where our school is

our school in the distance!

Then we went back to seomyeon, where our hostel was, for dinner. It was a food street that sells seafood related food.

We ordered pork: it was yummy!

squid or octopus. I can never tell the difference:

And the stall auntie was soo nice she treated us to this egg!:

And so this marks the end of our first day at Busan. =)

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