Tuesday, July 08, 2008

showquest finals!

overdue post of the showquest finals on 29thjune!

with the ultra nice janice:

my partner kevin:

us with donnie. who is in the top5:

PINKS. cordelia the top10. 17 years old only but she has a powerful sweet voice wor:

hahA my idol ryu. what a costume for their group performance:

ok more photos of my beloveds.

the 4 of us who sang zhi dui ni you gan jue:

edwin very xtra leh. don't want take out MY shades

must do lots of poses

miss u ppl.

hahA at last the hyper guy w/o shades:

the w3m babes in blue:

mandy peixia me and olivia

calvin and michele!:

my eyes bigger than his:

with zupeng! luv your singing dude. but a tad too oily....:

and with natri! her singing is amazing. CHINESE SONGS. think her pronunciation better than me......

hahA....I miss the guys. miss the times training together.

although those times were damn tiring. but we had lotsa fun. even though I've known them for like a month. I feel like I've known them for years..............hope that even though we continue on our different paths.

stuying. army. working. whatever.

but must still make the effort. to meet up.

must continue to meet up guys!.....


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