Sunday, August 11, 2019

Cambodia 2018: Angkor Wat

Finally getting down to updating my trip to Cambodia last June. This country isn't in any way on my list of go-to countries, but I had to, because of one very important monument, that is, Angkor Wat.

Despite the reluctance, I'm proud to say I have struck off this once one of the 7 wonders of the World off my bucket list!

Our hotel helped us to book the tour to Angkor Wat. Note that u can opt for either just a tuktuk driver to bring u around for the whole day, or request for a full tour where there will be a guide accompanying u throughout the day to explain about the temples and whatnot. We decided on just the tuktuk driver option for USD 10/pax.

The driver picked us up from the hotel and went straight to the ticketing place (which wasn't even near the temples) to buy our entrance fee to Angkor Wat at USD 37/pax for a 1-day price.

There are actually many different routes they provide, but I guess this route below is the most suitable if u just want to strike Angkor Wat off your bucket list rather than looking in-depth at the relics and cultural meaning behind all of the popular sites. The whole cluster of Angkor Wat temples is really too huge for anyone to cover fully in a day or two.

Angkor Wat
Prasat Kraven
Bantaey Kdei
Ta Prohm
Ta Keo
Chau Say Thevada
Victort Gate
Angkor Thom 

I shall let the pictures do the talking.

Angkor Wat main temple

Bantaey Kdei

Ta Prohm

 This is the site where Tomb Raider was filmed. I made an effort to reenact the scene hahahah.

Ta Keo

This temple was memorable because firstly, there were relatively lesser people compared to the 3 main famous ones (Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm, Bayon) but this had the steepest steps which I didn't make the effort to climb. My travel mate Nini attempted to climb up to the top though, and had sore muscles the next day haha.

Chau Say Thevada / Victort Gate

These 2 temples were opposite each other. Small and insignificant to me. So we just took photos of them from far and left.


This is known as the Temple of a Thousand Faces. Quite evident from the pictures.

And that's it for the whole day of exploration. Everyone should come here at least once to strike it off the bucket list. Other than that, it really wasn't something that I like. But it is just a personal preference. What about u?