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Amazing BKK: Hotel and Shopping malls

This is really a huge backlog as my Bangkok trip was during 6-10 April 2017. That was almost 1 year ago! I have decided to change the layout of how my travels would be documented and break them up according to different categories instead of showcasing the itineraries. If anyone is interested to get my itinerary, just feel free to email me for it.


First up, I'm gonna introduce the hotel we stayed at during the trip: Vince Hotel Pratunam.

This was a pretty new hotel at our time of stay so the facilities and rooms were still so new and clean.
Just look at our room. I paid less than SGD 150 for 4 nights, quite decent right?

A Buffet Breakfast was included in our stay and the dining area was pretty too!

Cereals, juices, yoghurt, eggs. They have almost everything!

There was even a random photoshoot area at level 2. Not sure what it is for... but looks good!

We decided to order the hotel dinner into our rooms for one of our days and this was the food. Not the cheapest but it was pretty decent.

The hotel also provides many other services, like calling taxis, and booking massage services for the hotel occupants. We didn't realise they could ferry us to a nearby massage place using their tuktuk and only tried it on the last night.

The massage parlour looks damn dodgy but it was the better one that we tried during the trip. (another place we went to by ourselves looked so pretty but the masseur's skills were badddd)

Even their bottled water also looks so pretty...
Just ask the front desk if you have any queries and they would be happy to help.

Shopping Malls

Moving on, let's talk about the various shopping malls of Bangkok I went to on this trip. Seriously, people normally go to the day/night markets when they go to Bangkok, cos that's where all the cheap stuffs are. To me, shopping malls are a pit stop for us to get away from the heat and for toilet breaks (cos I can't stand dirty toilets!).

Central World

Just a lot of luxury brands and a whole lot of aircon. But we bought our Naraya loots from this mall. There is also a Melissa Shoes store opposite Naraya but it is only worth checking out during their sales period.

Siam Square One|Siam Paragon|Siam Center

There are a cluster of malls starting with the word "Siam" here. Most famous being Siam Center or Siam Paragon, because many Singaporeans flock there for the cafes and food (which I will talk about in another post).

EmQuartier Mall

It is one of the newer malls in Bangkok that has some nice cafes and food around. Definitely has lesser crowd compared to Siam Center so you might want to consider coming here just to chill.

Platinum Fashion Mall

This is the best "mall" out of all here, cos it is really the wholesale shopping mall for girls whenever they go Bangkok. There are 2 wings for this, and people normally go to the older and bigger wing where all the clothes are. AND, don't bother starting from the top floor and walk your way down to the bottom. I suggest you just start from the bottom because that's where all the cheap and nicer things are. Do plan your time (and energy) wisely. Once you are done with the clothes, move on to accessories and shoes, or even kids or male clothings if those are on your shopping list. I started from the 5th floor and was too tired to continue once I got to the bottom and we decided to just leave even though I felt like there were still many things to buy!

Big C Supercenter

This is a building opposite Central World. And everyone should visit this place cos, a trip to Bangkok isn't complete if you don't buy local snacks back home! Pretz, Pocky, Cuttlefish, Seaweed... are some of the must-buys for us. You can also buy the local beer here back to your hotel for some late night partying and HTHT sessions!

So these are the shopping malls I visited during my trip to Bangkok, and I will be sharing more about the food there in the next post!

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