Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Western Europe - Day 7: Amsterdam

Summary of Day 7:
Breakfast at Bakers & Roasters
Zaanse Schans
Albert Cuypmarkt
Dinner at Hap-Hmm

Day 7 was one of my favourite days of the trip

We had a good breakfast at a famous cafe Bakers & Roasters.

Generous portion of ingredients, and tasted good.

Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 54, 1072 BH Amsterdam, Netherlands
Price: Approx EUR 13.50 per pax

Then we took Uber to the Windmill village - Zaanse Schans.

We got a pretty awesome car with an open top, and I was just looking at the clear blue sky throughout the half hour ride.

What's more, the driver actually stays near Zaanse Schans so we had a good chat on the attractions.

All my Uber drivers were quite awesome though. They are nice to chat with, and the cars were either Mercedes, BMW, or some other luxury cars that we would rarely get in Singapore. Anyway, Uber was so convenient in Amsterdam and Brussels that I only had to wait 2-5min for a car every time! Compare this to SG where I can't even get one during peak hours! Only thing is that there is no Uber in Germany.

Zaanse Schans entrance.

And no wonder this place is a windmill village. THE WIND WAS FREAKING STRONG, consistently strong!

Get ready for the truckload of photos.

Cheese farm.

De Kat Mill. EUR 4 per pax to go up.

Wrapped up like a Christmas tree/dumpling cos, toooo cold.

Clog workshop

Diamond clog:

Clog making demo:

Zaanse Schans museum.

Nothing much here, just needed to use off our entrance tickets obtained from the Hollandpass.

Just showing you how windmills in the past were used for many things, including biscuit-making.

After a day at Zaanse Schans, we took Uber to Albert Cuypmarkt.

It is a street market selling all kinds of things, from food, vegetables, to clothes, bags, and shoes.

I was there specifically for the fresh Stroopwafels.

We also brought back many packets of Stroopwafels from the supermarket as souvenirs and also as snacks for ourselves since me and my mum loves waffles.

Walking through the street market, we also bought some nuts and Turkish food:

At night, we went to a Dutch restaurant recommend by my host and also on several online sites - Hap-Hmm.

My Airbnb host mentioned that there are not really a lot of traditional Dutch restaurants in Amsterdam, and mostly are fusion or western cafes. This restaurant is as close as it gets.

They do not take reservations though, so go early to queue up!
It was a very small restaurant with a home-style type of dishes. We also saw some other Singaporeans at this place!

The food was good, and servers quite warm and friendly.

Eerste Helmersstraat 33, 1054 CZ Amsterdam, Netherlands
Price: Approx EUR 14.50 per pax

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