Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Beautiful China - Day 4 and 5: Yangshuo to Guangzhou

Summary of Day 4:
Yangshuo train station
Opening Taobao packages
Food Delivery
Guangzhou Restaurant
Crystal KTV

Day 4 was just very chill as we went for breakfast at a random eatery at West Street.

 Soy milk.


 Guilin Bee Hoon.

Xiao Long Bao...

Then it was time to bid goodbye to this picturesque place.

We dadidi to the Yangshuo train station, but was almost late for the train as we didn't expect the journey to take that long.

Luckily the train station isn't a really busy nor big station, so we collected our tickets and got to the gate pretty quickly.

We were back to Guangzhou only at 3+pm, and dadidi to Liling's house for one thing that I have been waiting for - Open our Taobao loots.

I had bought a lot of items from Taobao prior to the trip, and made them deliver to Liling's house in Guangzhou. So on this last day at Guangzhou, we decided to set aside time for that. Since we had missed our lunch, Liling also ordered food delivery to her house. It was amazing cos the app, similar to all the food delivery apps we had in SG, had so much more variety.

Anyway, the evening from 5 to 7pm is the peak traffic period, so we waited until after 7 to dadidi to our hotel.

By 8pm, we went to this famous dimsum place that I googled and found - Guangzhou Restaurant. 

There are various branches and we went to the one in 百福广场.

To be honest, I feel that it is nothing much. AND the price was much more steep as compared to other dimsum places.

Price: CNY 80.40 for the dishes above

Lastly, we went to Crystal KTV nearby. It is a 7-storey building with themed KTV rooms at each floor.

The fruits that they ordered:

Scoring at the end of every song:

Like the previous trip to Taiwan where a friend brought us to a massive KTV joint, this place was as amazing. The room had a mic stand, crystal balls, 2 screens, amazing acoustics, and on-the-ball service from the crew.

Apparently KTV is a big thing in China and Taiwan. Not SG.

We actually surprised Yeehan by also celebrating her birthday at the KTV.

And that's all for the 4th day. I went back to the hotel; was feeling bloated/indigestion and actually puked. hahaha...

Summary of Day 5:
Dimdoudak dimsum
Back to Singapore

Next morning, we dadidi to Dimdoudak 點都德, a famous dimsum place that sells pretty affordable dimsum. Everyone would always go to the Beijing Lu branch, but we checked and found another one that is closer to our hotel. Note: no info could be found on Google so we were using Baidu instead.
You can see the list of branches from here.

Anyway, the service at this place was atrocious though. Not sure if it is the same for the Beijing Lu branch. We were ignored; waiters seemed to be blind. After waiting like a million years and waving our order chit, then did the waiter came to our table.

There wasn't any introduction on how to use the tea bags or teapot, And we saw another table as clueless as us. We just trial and error and was just glad to start eating.

The food was good and cheap. That's all that matters for now.

Price: CNY 48 for all dishes above

As you can see, CNY 48 is approximately SGD 9.70. And that's the price for 3 pax. Dimsum in Guangzhou is really quite affordable.

It was a whirlwind 5 days in China, and we embarked on our journey back to Singapore, happily, and finally. 

Mandatory plane food SG bound:

*I puked another time when I was at the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport.
And I was diagnosed with stomach flu when I went to the doctor next day. hahaha.

Pls prepare a healthy body and strong stomach when going to China.

So that concludes the 5 days in China!

Do pm/email if you want to know more about the details and pricing of transport/food/accommodation.

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