Sunday, February 26, 2012

Island of Geoje: Oedo

On one of the weekends, the friends from Seoul came over to Busan for a short trip. With short notice, me and Anqi decided to join them for a day trip to Oedo, which is a small island off Geoje.

Before we set off in the ferry, we had an awesome (but really short as we were rushing for the ferry time) haemul tubbegi. SEAFOOD HOTPOT.

I really really LOVE the korean seafood hotpot. its the most awesome food one can ever have, especially during winter. whats more, this restaurant is highly acclaimed and famous! If it wasn't for the rush of time, we would have polished off ALL the soup.

Ok so after the quick lunch, we set off to see the rocks along the way.

Before landing on this island which is srsly man-made. The owner, many years ago, bought this island and decided to make it into a big garden.

 Yes the whole island is a GARDEN!

Full of statues too!

 Really a very picturesque place with fantasy looking decorations everywhere.

This is the house where the popular drama "Winter Sonata" was filmed. The last episode where the main lead died if I didn't rmb wrongly.

Flower girl!

Its quite a small island. So u can just finish walking around in just 1-2h.

The owner:

Thought it was too man-made and crowded for my liking. But nonetheless, it was a good trip to relax the mind, and see something which I would never see in Singapore. haha =)

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