Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sparking Korea! Day 1 & 2

After 5 days at Taiwan, we took a 2h flight in China Airlines to Seoul, Incheon!

heres the breakfast on our morning flight. not delicious:

Day 1:
Namsan Guesthouse has this service which we could pay for a pickup van from the airport at Incheon to the guesthouse in Seoul. After bout 1h of ride, we reached our accomodation. Namsan 3 was great coz it was the newest building they had. However, the toilet is freaking small:
I rmb knocking into the walls and door whenever bathing. haha. but at least its still new and clean. Wait a few more years and it shall become like Namsan 1 and 2? hahaaa....

the room was great. with TV! and a very comfortable blanket!:

 the corridor:

just arriving in Seoul, and not knowing much korean, we ventured into 1 shop selling chicken.

not fantastic. but the portion was tooo big. the 4 of us couldn't finish it.

after that, we climbed up the hill to get to sit on a cable up the namsan mountain.

 to see the N Seoul Tower:

 on top of the tower, I see Nature Republic. and yes. my korean boyfriend is their ambassador and so I see him again!

the view from the tower. stunning.

the traffic jam is just horrendous:

N Seoul Tower at night:

after walking down, we went into this shop which sells pork cutlet:

Day 2:

We are slacking pretty much in Korea as compared to Taiwan, probably because we think that we are staying here for 4 months and thus can take our time to get around slowly. so for today we just walked around Coex, an underground mall.

at the far end, we could see the Coex Aquarium. but price was about S$17 so we didn't go in:

lunch was at a foodcourt in the departmental store. I was having flu already so I had something soupy

bought our Seoul City Pass (which is a subway card). it came in a box with some coupons inside. 
 but seriously I thought the coupon served no use because those shops that it could be used are very expensive. 

dinner for the day was at a bbq restaurant near the guesthouse.


fried octopus:

we emptied the bowl of fried octopus, which was mixed with some salads.

at night. I went back to bathe and sleep so that my flu wold recover sooner, while the rest went out again to myeongdong to shop. =(
however, I woke up to this: 

the original donuts are the most DELICIOUS donuts I have ever eaten. its crispy on the outside, yet soft on the inside. very very nice! everyone should just try this!

that's all for day 1 & 2. days 3 to 5 sooooon...

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