Sunday, June 08, 2008

showquest results

ok so it was the semi finals today.

only constance and nori-kun went to support.

ohh and because I had cramps my dad drove me all the way there and waited there all the way and drove me back home.

hurhur. but well cramps should not be the reason for me not doing well. it would just be the reason for me having no mood and feeling when I sing a song. but actually I wanted to throw in the white flag when I had cramps lah. just didn't feel like singing le.

but I still sang eventually. and very UBER horrible horrendous.

the 1st time I heard myself sang so terribly.

ok lah. in my group only 1 girl got in. and thats not me. in the end out of the 30ppl 18 got into the next solo round.

and so these were what the judges commented bout our group:
not cohesive. could tell we were unprepared.
(duhh. 2 could only practise at nite and the other had to work at nite. we only practised together just ytd for less than 2h)

we had no confidence.
(hahA that I agree)

and bout me:
no projection. AGAIN.

YA. not only was I unable to hear myself on stage. I knew my voice couldn't come out. although the audience can hear lah. but I just forgot all bout my support and techniques on stage.

basically stage fright lah.


just quite disappointed with myself. I guess michele is too.

my practise and performance is just totally different.
never practise singing for 1year then deprove so drastically. haizz

but then again. I can still perform again in the finals. so not to worry. hahA. just no hope for prize only lor.


ok. but the bad thing now is. all the performances from auditions to the finals are recorded down. and PUT onto the website.

like how cool is that. now everyone will see how I throw face.

but still.. jiayou to all the other contestants in the finals!

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