Wednesday, August 15, 2007


u know.

everyone should watch this movie. hotaru no haka

I watched it like since I was in kindergarden or sth.

and I rewatched abit of it that day. started crying like mad during the 1st half hour.


its bout war. and the luv between the 2 siblings. yepp. well in the end the little girl died lah so just watch it lor. HAHA especially lit students. can help u experience the harsh realities of war too! civilians side!

well. the one I watched years ago was in cantonese. but I can only find the eng dubbed online.

here it is

click the 'previous' to watch the movie all the way to the end.


1 thing in the movie that has turned into like a commercial opportunity for the producers is the sakuma drops i.e the hard candy

HAHA I bo liao until I go and take a photo of it. hee.
anw the shop more than words were selling it and wth I bought it. I think its like 2weeks now and I still cant bear to open it lah. actually I just opened it.
hahA brings back the fond memories. coz it is the exact replica of the candy tin!

and I'm surprised there is even a pg on wiki that explains this


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