Wednesday, February 07, 2007


hmm okok. I'm so busy these past few days
I'll make this quick.

do u all know that I'm currently having vocal
lessons at M5 Concept?

ya. it is an artiste management firm
located in tanjong pagar. hahA.

so tml the m5 artistes are invited for
guest performances to NTU HSS. some competition event or sth in NTU lor.

I only know that our class is lucky to be picked
to perform tml. OUT OF 10 classes u know!

really really thank michele. our teacher.


so. I'm performing a duet with steph 'yi shi
de mei hao'

scared to death. BUT. we must grab hold of
the opportunity!

my class ppl - steph. ryan. jian ming. JIAYOU
all the way! we can do it!

also of coz the other class of 4 girls who are
also performing. YEPP JIAYOU!

of coz not forgetting our wonderful

the rest of the artistes. SEASONS and
ELSON. yay.

I'm so bloodily nervous bout tml.

but heck. this type of opportunity doesnt
come very often.


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