Thursday, November 02, 2006

happy halloween

escape to 'hell'oween at downtown east. theme with 'the grudge 2'

in the haunted house. dont know why got this girl very brave she went in alone. so we
walked together. but most of the time I used her as a shield lah coz i was
at 1 area we saw this ghost standing in front not moving. so we stoned too.
and then we heard another bunch coming in le. so instead of being scared by
the ghosts inside. we rarrr-ed the guts out of that bunch of kids that were
scheduled behind us. waha. 
I estimate that there are 4-5 ppl ghosts inside
lor! so many!

there was an area decorated with graveyards.
photoshoot time...
all pics are at natural colour coz the place was filled with these eerie
coloured lights.

aiyah then there were the theme park ppl dressed scarily. too bad didnt take
photo with them.


j1 halloween bash

the best dressed male of the evening.
I didnt take with the female de coz she didnt attract me at all lah.

in conjunction with death note. we are DEATH SISTERS
si3 wang2 jie3 meis4

with handcuffs!
introducing the death gods...

collin looks great. guess who? kenneth koh.
who looks like a big mass of cloth.

I think this is nicholas?

weijia we not supposed to see ur face!

with hayati qistina umaira

with sabrina.

my favs! didnt know they are teachers. mr conrad lee and some mr wong. 
I like the

awww snow white!

with aining!

how can halloween be complete without pumpkins?

school corridors never looked so eerie....

we luv taking photos in the toilet

deathnote. L: female version

and did i sae. i luv BLACK HAIR?

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