Saturday, October 22, 2005

moon child

watched it last night. and suddenly fell in luv with the vampire in the movie. kei. acted by jrock band L`Arc~en~Ciel de lead singer hideto takarai aka hyde and his best friend. sho. acted by another singer-actor gackt camui. this show just rocks.

also stars wang lee-hom and anne suzuki but I dont care bout them. hahA

well. actually quite a messy show with lots of gun shooting and scenes that make no sense. but if u think deeper. u can actually figure out the plot of the story and actually its really heartwarming and sad and more sad added together...
haizz saddening pic of gackt(sho)
this is hyde(kei) looks abit like edison chen though. vampire and gangsters added together and u will get tis action cum friendship cum deep movie all in one. dont talk too much. just show pics can le.
friends. but in the end all of them died. haizz...

actually some ppl will find the fashion of clothes these ppl wearing not to their taste. its a bit more of rock star kind of fashion. to add off. its jap fashion. but then hyde is so shuai that. well. I dont really care bout the fashion lor.

after seeing the movie I decided to save more pics of hyde.

well. and also gackt..hahA =]

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